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Re: [Ishmael] Advice on adding functionality
You can get a list of moderators by calling:


You'll then get a template variable 'forum_num_moderators', which contains the number of moderators for the forum, and forum_moderators, which is a template loop variable that you can loop through to do things with the moderators.

However, since your case is a little more specific, you might want to call the function from a template global. The following isn't guaranteed to work, but should be a good place to start from:

(removed - see updated code in later reply)

Now in a template when the user has requested a moderator be notified, you want to add:

<%name_of_global($forum_id, $current_user_username, $post_id)%>

That should send an e-mail to each moderator, notifying them of the post.

Jason Rhinelander
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