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Re: [anup123] static pages and build related queries
Continuing on with attempt to provide as much info as possible so that there could be some answer towards a fix to this problem, for all the cats/subcats which were giving the error i did the following:

Thru phpmyadmin, did nothing but clicked on edit and then saved. Continued with all the cats/sub cats which were giving the error.

Wow, the error goes away and the cat/subcats become editable. However, no sooner than a new cat/subcat is added that the error re-appears. I repeated the above steps and found the same to be reproducible. I am currently only working on cats/subcats with no links as i would want this often reported problem to be fixed before attempting to do testing with links.

Please note that I do not intend to use LSQL for the routine DMOZ directory replication (or even part of DMOZ for that matter). I am faced with this error (which incidentally does not seems to be an isolated case applicable to me) and almost four days down the line I am still at where i had started. And since it is a Paid Model, i wouldn't be daring to take the shortcut of releasing it with such bugs and errors.

Could the maestros throw some light or offer a solution to this problem please. I am waiting.


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