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Re-Release - Postcards Plugin
Just to let you all know, pugdog and myself will be bringing out a new version of the Postcards plugin.

It still going to cost $50, and will be available for purchase from our site (UltraNerds.com).

Its not so much a re-write, but more just cleaning up code, templates, and writing a Readme!

This is pretty much the same plugin that is running postcards.com, so don't underestimate its power ;)

Main features;

+ People can set a date, as to when they want their ecard to be sent out.
+ All runs on the LSQL template system
+ Simply calling http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/postcards.cgi will bring up a template, where your user can either enter their own image to use, or select from one of the pre-defined ones.
+ It can link in *perfectly* with my Thumb_Images plugin.
+ Ability to decide what font color and background you want to use.
+ Custom greetings.
+ and more....

If you are interested in this plugin, please keep track of this thread. I should have a release version later today. Its literally a case of squishing a couple of little bugs, and writing the Readme.

Any ideas/comments, please let me know :)


Andy (mod)
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