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Re: [Payooo] Short description ... read more
Give this one a go :)

sub {

my $id = $_[0];
my $desc = $_[1];
my $chars = $_[2] || '300';
my $build_url = $CFG->{build_root_url};

if (!$desc) { return "No description on this template"; }

length $desc < $chars and return $desc;
my $short = substr ($desc, 0, $chars);
$short =~ s/\s\S+?$//;
$short .= "<b> ... read more</b>";
return $short;

my $detailed_url = "$build_url/Detailed/$id.html";
$short .= qq|<b> ... <a href="$detailed_url">read more</a></b>|;


...you can call it with;


Basically, you need to pass in ID, Description and how many charachters you want to use :)


Andy (mod)
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Andy: Oct 8, 2004, 7:17 AM

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