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Important Presale Questions Part 2
Hi again:

In addition to my previous post I have some more questions.

1. Search Engine Optimized: As we all know a web site relies on visitors and an important part of getting visitors is search engine placement with sites such as Google, etc. I have read many posts concerning this and I have come away somewhat confused.

Are Links SQL web sites search engine friendly? Please explain?

My Links SQL site must be able to get spidered and crawled by the leading engines. This is very important and a very critical sales point to my clients considering buying link space and detail (mini web pages) with me.

Are the dynamic pages search engine friendly?

Will I have the ability to use Meta tags with dynamic and static pages I.E. keywords, descriptions?
  • What are the reader's views on this subject? I s this a problem?

2. Miscellaneous: I am wanting to write articles, reviews, provide different insights concerning the industry my site will be focusing on. I want these to be included on the pages but separate somehow form the links and sponsor links. I would also like these to context sensitive to the categories? Is this possible and what are your suggestions for such a thing.?

This is a continuation of my first post http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...i?post=261412#261412
Thank you very much.

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