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Message Search And Anomalies

(1). The message search in a threaded folder list the search results which is slightly confusing. Search for say "Replied" has the count proper but the result lists more than what it should.

(2). msgs_search_results.htm and pagination. Irrespective of the folder in which the message has been search, the Next Page Navigation takes to the Inbox Folder though the msgtrack_fid=<%msgtrack_fid%> is ok in the address bar and then for the subsequent navigation to next page msgtrack_fid assumes the value=1 (ie inbox). This is irrespective of whether the folder in which the message was searched was in threaded or unthreaded mode.

(3). Read, Replied Forwarded Search in any folder does list a blank page though the count stated is correct. There is no messages listed.

Could this be corrected?


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anup123: Feb 1, 2004, 9:24 AM

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