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Instalation help for a Newbie?

I'm really new to CGI scripts. This is my first attempt at installing one. I'm a quick learner though. I'm fairly skilled in PHP, but can't seem to get Links SQL up and running. Sort of embarassing for me really... Pirate

It's uploaded to my cgi-bin and I thought I set all the permissions correctly and modified "links.cfg" correctly, but I guess I haven't. When I try to go to admin.cgi it wont open, but instead downloads that file and gives me this error message: "Error including libraries: Can't locate /links/cgi-bin/admin/db.pl at admin.cgi line 28. Make sure they exist, permissions are set properly, and paths are set correctly." Here's the URL for that: http://www.highsierratopix.com/...inks/admin/admin.cgi
I made sure that my path to Perl is set correctly on all cgi files as well, so that can't be it.

I'm stumped. It's probably something really silly that I forgot to do, but I just can't figure out what.

Any ideas?




Forgot to mention that I left the directory structure as is from the download except for renaming the directory "Links2" to "links". So the structure is something like: cgi-bin/links/admin....

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