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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Newbie questions, willing to learn.
Ah great, thanks for the quick responce I think I get that (still trying to get the bulkload mod to work)

(I didn't actually build the site I was hired to upload some content (using the add button, but I don't like RSI) but since It would cost me 30-40 hrs to upload the 1300 sites I have. I'm trying to find faster ways and learn a bit of the programming doing it)

Well two more questions:

I currently have 1300 sites that need to be uploaded but I only have name, category & url(in excel file). is there a way I can get the site description without clicking and copy pasting it from the actual site? (some automated process)

How do I edit the CHMod value of a file other than WS_FTP I'm currently using? (can only give it 7-6-4 not (example 744 not 755)

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