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Re: [nagarajan2000] Need a popup blocker.....
Another vote for Google Toolbar...

Another forum specific to discussions on Computer software, including Internet software, that you might find other discussions on Popup Blockers can be found at:


Popup Blockers actually discussed yesterday:


While Google Toolbar has a wonderful Popup Blocker and does block the common pop-ups used in websites, it is only 75% successful with blocking all types of pop-ups...if I can find the reference, I'll post it...also if I can find the Pop-up Blocker test website that I used for testing different Pop-up Blockers, I'll post that as well.

Also, you might consider using Mozilla Firebird that has a built-in pop-up blocker or if you really like IE, you could try using MyIE2, which is basically a skin for the IE engine, but also has unique features, such as ad and pop-up blocking.

Also, bare in mind that when the new version of IE is released (if it's released since M$ was recently fined like $500 million for patent infringement related to developing IE when a patent for the same technology was available back in the mid 90's), M$ does plan on including a pop-up blocker.
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