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Recently viewed pages
I've just added the functionality to SiteStats to show recently viewed pages at the suggestion of Mick.

You would use this on your page:

<%if Plugins::SiteStats::LastViewed%><b>Recently viewed pages:</b><%Plugins::SiteStats::Lastviewed%><%endif%>

and the output would look like this:

Recently viewed pages:
  • Buying a car online in the UK
  • Free Samples to consumers in the UK
  • Artist's supplies and artwork in the UK
  • UK food shops including delicatessens
  • Buying a car online in the UK
    Entry Page:
  • Free Samples to consumers in the UK

    I've also added a 'last clicked list' to ExtraStats to show a list of the links which have been clicked on most recently.

    I've nearly finished the PrivateMessage plugin - it may be ready before Christmas but probably in the New Year.


  • The UK High Street

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