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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Revalidate e-mail on address change
I have added this feature to my User.pm in sub profile, added a new sub revalidate_email_change. It was not hard for me to do. All it does is check to see if they changed their email, gets the old email for check, if the email changed it will reset the forum validation to "not validated" and send an email message to "revalidate"

It would be nice to see the feature added by GF in next upgrade so I don't have to add that code agin. I will share my code with GF if requested, but since it involves a little more than just a "find and replace", I probably should not post it here.

I have also added a banned email check feature, duplicate mail check, a better image upload that actually resizes the image upon upload instead of keeping a large file and only displaying it small(uses image magick and saves them all as gifs).

I have also modified to just send the actual password as a password reminder instead of temporary password using email address as the user input, but this requires using clear text passwords in the database.

I also added a whole sub remind_password so admin can send password reminders from user admin search

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