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Re: [brewt] nokia2280 & wap --- It Worked
Hi Adrian
I'm hoping to get this out in the next week or so, so if you want any bug fixes into this release, let me know soon!

(1). AR from Yahoo Account does not display the text

(2). Message preview of large messages still has that case of preview not starting from the first character.

(3)Welcome Message after signup has the date in msgs_list_include.htm on which the message was last edited by admin and not the date on which it was delivered to the account. This is reproducible.
Say if i edited the message on 17th November 2003 then all signups after that have welcome message in that account with date as 17th Nov 2003 insted of the actual date. This is also true for the date displayed in msgs_body

(4)Preiview problem wrt HTML messages. Ideally only the text should be displayed.

(5)Admin attachment directory cleanup issue.

These are a few issues. Shall report later as observed...


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