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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Adding to a design template
I don't think I made myself clear, I only added index1.html so I didn't break the real index page. I wanted to get it all lined up and perfect, then rename it index.html.

I have a design to incorporate into my site's main page. I want the categories listed in a table I have.

I can't figure out which page to edit, index.html or home.html.

No matter which I edit, the categories don't show up, just that single line.

In both index.html and home.html templates, the ONLY reference to categories is


<p class="grandtotal">There are <strong><%grand_total%></strong> links for you to choose from!</p>

So, how do I get all the categories showing on my index.html page to get into my new design?

Edit: I did what you said, btw -- and nothing has changed. After I renamed index to index1, I pasted in all the design stuff to index and saved it and did a build

The old index.html file still shows

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