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Re: [Corp Punk] Choosing between WW Messenger and Gosamer Mail...

Before deciding to pay even 60USD i would ask myself following questions:
  • How the hell do i move incoming messages to specific folders automatically?
  • Why do i have to take that "Extra Step" to navigate to a given folder?
  • my username is anup but my email address shows Anup@automatic7.com .... some sort of automation??
  • While im reading a mail i decide to block the address. Hell again i have to take that "Extra Step"
  • And Folders Management it's absolutely unprofessional. Yahoo Style Templates mean that even the Features should be there. With Yahoo style templates and Oohay trype features I do not think a user would ever want to login the second time. Folder management is almost missing .... except for of course few drop down menus for folder.
  • Preferences just has the option of changing the data that you signed up with.
  • Where exactly do i set up my vacation mail/autoreply message?
  • Hell.... the address book just has the provision of adding email address only.
  • Where exactly do i have the user level spam settings.
  • Oh ..... My cell phone says .... error when i try to access the same.
  • I click on folders and the page im taken to has ...... Current Folders: Deleted Sent
  • The welcome mail in my new account does not even have mu username.
  • THE RTF compose has that www watermark stuff which at least i would never want after paying.

The only thing which did surprise me a bit was the links at the bottom: | Read This With Merlin Read This With Genie | Read This With Robby | Read This With Peedy |

(Microsoft Internet Explorer Only)

I am sure GT would not take long enough to get this integrated into GMail also. I have been one of those "Critic" type of user of GM and to say the least .... the "Features" "Support" and "Performance" has been excellent so much so that i am going ahead with purchase of another software of GT though there are many avalable at less than 33% of the price. I am more concerned with the "Percieved Value" on pricing front. In addition, the active user community is always helpful with whatever you would want.

However, it's left to your wisdom to makje a decision. Whether to pay "10 times more (as u say)" in the begining and have a peaceful sleep or pay 1/10th in the begining and then let your pocket bleed continuouslyn. And if the users leave you for reasons of unprofessional service .... well it's a lost business proposal forever. If it's only for providing Free Email to Friends then possibly www messenger software could stand a chance of survival.


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