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HELP - User Monitor : showbc.com (???)
Hello Ian,

I have an error message with script.


User Monitor Plug-in : Generate Files

Dynamic Setup Detected - uppath=/s/showbc.com/httpdocs

A fatal error has occured:
mkdir: /s/showbc.com/httpdocs/users (No such file or directory) at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/web/admin/Plugins/UserMonitor.pm line 824.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Stack Trace
Links (32373): Links::environment called at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/web/admin/Links.pm line 431 with no arguments.
Links (32373): Links::fatal called at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/web/admin/Plugins/UserMonitor.pm line 824 with arguments
(mkdir: /s/showbc.com/httpdocs/users (No such file or directory) at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/web/admin/Plugins/UserMonitor.pm line 824.
Links (32373): Plugins::UserMonitor::my_mkdir called at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/web/admin/Plugins/UserMonitor.pm line 344 with arguments
(/s/showbc.com/httpdocs/users, 511).
Links (32373): Plugins::UserMonitor::statistics called at admin.cgi line 216 with no arguments.
Links (32373): main::plugin called at admin.cgi line 52 with no arguments.
Links (32373): main::main called at admin.cgi line 24 with no arguments.


Why "showbc.com" is present in the code.

Somebody can answer.

Thank you for your assistance.


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mick31: Nov 7, 2003, 10:05 AM

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