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New version of linksql ?
i have been using linksql for about 6 months and I'm absolutely satisfied with the product.

However, we will be cancelling our current project and start another one, still using linksql.

Since this will involves major template work, I would like to know if / when a new version of links is planned to know if I wait it or start right away.

Also, there are two features buit-in i'm looking the most in the next version (you can take it as a suggestion if they are not planned).

1) Links expiration, with warning emails to the links owner, lets say 15 or less days before their links expire (could be sent each time the pages are build for example). This would be good for paid listings that needs to renew.

2) "Sponsored links". Just as in yahoo, where people pay to have their listing on top of the category, in a distinct location. Of course, this feature should also has an expiration system: => if people had reserved their links there for 3 months, they would be moved back to normal listing once expiration is reached. The "sponsored links", on top of the category should have its own template.

I think these features would make sense when you see the current search engines / directory sector developpement so linksql would stay the leader in its category.


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