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nokia2280 & wap --- It Worked
Hi Adrian,

Nokia 2280 worked with GM wap template sets finally but with some modifications wrt points noted in the previous thread on the subject. Just did the mod on the Compose Link and could navigate and send a message.


<a href="webmail.cgi?<%url_hidden%>;do=email-attach-clean">Compose</a>

Was replaced with

<a href="webmail.cgi?sid=<%sid%>&amp;do=email-attach-clean&amp;t=<%t%>">Compose</a>

And all those Invalid Session Error Was Gone. Smile and i could send a test mail using the cell phone thru wap template. The rest of the links would now be modified and tested again.

the ; in the query string was causing all the problems. replacing just with & did not solve the problem either. This is reported for your information so that the same substitution can be tested on the set of emulators that the template set has been tested on.




Thnx to Charlie@Chaz once again as i had been taking lot of his time on *This Issue* also

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anup123: Nov 3, 2003, 5:01 PM

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