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Re: [anup123] nokia2280 and wap -- bad login
Few comments based on comparative observations between the logs for emulator (deckit/klondike) vs 2280 with wap template.

The invalid session error with 2280 is primarily due to:

complete string including the <%url_hidden%>......... is being logged as sid in cell phone whereas it is only the sid part of <%url_hidden%> in case of emulator that is logged as sid when navigating after login.

Login to account thru wap template has been fine. But it is the invalid session error upon clicking any link which is causing the problems and this has been due to the complete string


which is taken as SID instead of just

018e07d7783037e1222817bdb67010ab as in the case of emulators.

Having the links modified with:

<a href="webmail.cgi?page=.......;t=<%t%>;sid=<%sid%>">

has no problem with emulators but with the cell phone the sid is passed blank in logs.

Used a global provided by Charlie to log the details of username;domain;sid and the results are reported therefrom.

Possibly this could be a valid case with other nokia phones though i am not sure.

Anu Clue on how to get over this???




To check on the above whether a link with just the sid would give the same eror, i modified the compose link to:


and the log showed the following after cliking the compose link

User: => Domain: => Password: => SID: ac3e139fe5158face24e43734df250c3 at .......

The moment a variable such as page=compose.htm is added before the sid then the sid is passed blank causing invalid session.

On modifying the link to

sid=<%sid%>;t=<%t%> the sid changes to

SID: ac3e139fe5158face24e43734df250c3;t=wap which causes invalid session obviously.

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