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Re: [Jack] 1.2.0 french version?
Hi Jack,

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the delay of mine.

To be frank with you, I think that the translation of the admin side is a waste of time and money. I'm pretty sure that 95% of your french buyers know the english enough to understand the admin panel...

Personally, I chose the french version because it was hard to translate some english markups like [-url] and [-email]. Now I would like to go back to the english version, but I don't if everything will work after... Unsure

In your features list, you tell that the scripts can be translated completely without any manipulation of the code. I own GForum and Links SQL and I can tell you after I translated both in french that we can't translate all the user side without modifying the source code. I think you should modify your scripts a way that the user side can be translated completely (at 100%); that seem more important than translating the admin side.

Is it possible to get the 1.2.0 french version without the new templates translated?

If you need some help to translate your scripts in french, you can PM me. I have experience in translation and I know well your scripts, html and the french language.


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