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Re: [Chaz] GM2.2RC1 Header Issues And Broken Links
@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@
# If the email address is safe, we set the envelope via -f so bounces are handled properly.
my $from = $self->{mail}->{head}->get('return-path') || $self->{mail}->{head}->get('from');
my $envelope = '';
- if ($from =~ /^([\w\-\.]+\@[\w\-\.]+)$/) {
+ if ($from =~ /<?([\w\-\.]+\@[\w\-\.]+)>?/) {
$envelope = "-f $1";
elsif (($from eq '<>') or ($from eq '')) {

This bug only affects you if you're using sendmail (as opposed to smtp) to send mail, and your smtp daemon is actually sendmail (as opposed to qmail, etc).


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