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show newest links per category on the right categorypage

Laura (afinlr) made this global to show the newest links per category on the proper categorypage...
(Place it on the category-template)

thanks a lot Laura!!! It's very usefull..........all the credits for you......

sub {
my $tags = shift;
my ($all_ids,$output);
my $cat_id = $tags->{'ID'};
$all_ids = $DB->table('Category')->children($cat_id);
push @$all_ids, $cat_id;
my $link_db = $DB->table('Links','CatLinks','Category');
$link_db->select_options ("ORDER BY Add_Date DESC LIMIT 5");
my $condition = GT::SQL::Condition->new( 'isValidated','=','Yes','isNew','=','Yes','CategoryID', 'IN', $all_ids);
my $sth = $link_db->select($condition);
$output = qq~<b>The newest Links in this category and the following subcategories:</b>~;
while (my $link = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
# Set the category url
my $url = $DB->table('Category')->as_url($link->{'Full_Name'});
# Set the detailed_url
my $detailed_url = "$CFG->{build_detail_url}/$link->{'LinkID'}$CFG->{build_extension}";
$output .= qq~<li><a href="$CFG->{build_root_url}/$url/">$link->{'Name'}</a> | $link->{'Add_Date'}<br><a href="$detailed_url">$link->{'Title'}</a></li>~;
return $output;

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rsahertian: Aug 18, 2003, 1:04 PM

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