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Re: [yogi] StaticPage plugin
We would be very interested ...

Some desirable features:
* Build from cron job rather than browser interface
* Conditional build (eg: if new or recently updated, or by primary key to allow for staggered/timed builds)
* Deletion of old static pages with no database record
* Search results template pointing to static pages
* Directory structure that can be derived algorithmically from unique keys
* Multiple root directories conditional on column values
* Path to static pages should be predictable from known column values (eg: if an external program knows that a record has status=3 and id=4567, it can make a link to it because the status value determines the root of its static directory tree, and the id value determines its path and name within the tree).

Presumably, anything that can be placed in a normal dynamic template could also be placed (with some modifications) in a static template.

What we would envisage:
* Static pages for most website visitors
* Certain static pages in a separate password-protected directory for privileged visitors
* Static pages in a tree structure designed to ensure a maximum number of pages per directory
* Dynamic pages (as now) for record owners and editors

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