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Re: [LoisC] htaccess and dbman
i have now searched those faq's and found the same threads that i found here. it seems that most of the people in the threads did not want server authentication. i want dbman to recognize server authentication. i realize i will have to set up user accounts in dbman as well for the permissions.

i finally got dbman to recognize server authentication by setting up htaccess in cgi-bin. but i want to protect static pages in www directory too.

db.cgi is in cgi-bin directory while the actual database with htaccess is off the www directory which is parallel to cgi-bin. my server doesn't allow viewing pages in cgi-bin thus no need for htaccess there i think. but i have to run scripts from cgi-bin. i'm thinking now that what i want is not possible. if it's possible, please tell me how?

i'm trying to have a members only web site that has some static pages and scripting capabilities, such as database and calendar. would love to protect all using same login. any suggestions?


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