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Re: [wickedmoon] Feature request
...as a designer myself.


... some of the template sets it *does* look like they've just been knocked up when the programmers had 5 minutes.

I want to say first off that I read only to the post I replied to. Since the post I am replying to is over a year old, I just could not read any more of them without venting to very unprofessional statements by wickedmoon. Perhaps you apologized to the programmers of GF since your nasty remark? If you have - wonderful. But if you have not, please read on.

I have to say (not in defense of GF - they don't need anyone to take their backs) that your statements contradict themselves.

You state that "as a designer..." meaning that you view yourself as a person who can take something that you claim to be "look like they've just been knocked up when the programmers had 5 minutes," and do it much better.

When I read that insulting and very obnoxious remark, I immediately and with great expectations - went to your forum. I was excited to see how you - a designer - had redesigned your GF! I could not wait to see if I could improve my forum to the caliper that you obviously had done. I mean, why else would you make such a rude and insulting remark? So I went to your GF and I said....


Shame on you.

Personally, when I came to GF for the first time, after my eyes took in all of the features I wanted it to have --- they immediately went about mentally changing colors, fonts, tab colors... rearranging the furniture and whatnot. I did not come here expecting to purchase a script that was 'ready to go." Although, the forum as it stands out-of-the-box is quite an attractive package and I think it is fine as it is. I also would rather buy clean code than something pretty.

I, as a designer - can create something pretty with the foundation script. It's the code that is the crux of the forum itself.

I am wondering that with your statement of being "a designer," why then does your forum look so bland? You make a harsh statement about the design, but you have not worked to improve the GF beyond its original design.

I just had to vent. But if one is going to make pointed statements about someone's work, you darn well better have done either something better, or improved upon the design.

My dad, who was a carpenter, told me something years ago. I was on a job with him, and I remarked to my dad that the painter did a sloppy job. My dad took me aside quickly and angrily said; "Never criticize another man's work in front of him or his peers."
Good advice.

"You say you want a revoloution.. well you know..
we'd all love to see the plan"


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