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Re: [dan] Not a happy bunny!
It seems the most the insurance company will give me is 250 MadUnsurePirate

The annoying thing is I never leave anything in the car normally. I got home about 8pm last night and got out of the car and went inside to put some shopping in the cupboard and then when my dad puts his car in the garage he normally lets me know that mine needs emptying and the radio taken out.

Last night, the one night he forgot and I forgot, the fricken thing gets broken in to.

The pissy thing is that they left my damn CD player and just took my golf equipment. They could have taken the CD player for all I cared Mad

I swear, I'd love to have heard the window smash last night. There would have been open cans of whoopass all over the street.

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Paul: Jun 13, 2003, 1:35 AM

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