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Re: [MJB] Putting Something In The Header, How To????
Great, Done, Now what's next. Thank very much for that one, who knew?

Mine now reads.......

Header => [6, 'alpha', 40, 500, 0, '', ''],

Footer => [7, 'alpha', 40, 500, 0, '', '']

It's a good start...Lil help here? Anyone, anyone?

I now have a tag which seems to work:

<img src=http://www.mypic.gif border=0 width=468 height=60>

Yes, great, it shows up as an actual pic in the admin, category template so I take that as a good sign. Now I just did a search of "header" and "footer" read about 60 of them with no luck.

I will transfer $10 Paypal to anyone who can tell me how to add this pic tag, as a footer. All the changes must be included as it seems like I have to change many other template like .cfg etc.


Thanks MJB

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markherpel: Jun 4, 2003, 4:22 PM

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