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Re: [Alex] Mailing List system - any capable of managing 100,000+ email addresses?
Thanks, everyone.

I should have thought of the difference. It would be a Newsletter system that we're looking for, not a Majordomo type of thing. Here are a few features that would be nice:

- personalization (dear %%name%%, your email is %%email%%, today's date is %%date%%)

- multiple newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe

- email validation of subscribe and unsubscribe (admin optional)

- headers/footers

- templates would be great

- bounce capability


Linux server. What I thought might be good is to use a separate server (if the list gets big enough) to send out the newsletters.


Here are a few examples of what I mean. These systems have lots of nice features, but I don't think that they can handle so big a list as I've mentioned (or even bigger). That's why we're looking for a more robust system.



BigSender 3. It looks really good. This might be the one to beat:


Alex, is this the kind of thing you're referring to?

Many thanks, All Smile


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