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1.2.0 payment support / Net::SSLeay
Just a note - GForum 1.2.0's "direct" payment methods (Authorize.Net or Moneris) and the PayPal "remote" payment method require that you have Net::SSLeay installed on the system (at least version 1.06). Windows users will need to download an Activestate package from us, which is now posted in the announcement forum. Unix/Linux users can either compile it themselves (with shell access), or ask their ISP to install this module. Note that this module is _not_ the same as the Net::SSL or Crypt::SSLeay modules. If you are using WorldPay exclusively, or not using payment support at all, installing the module is not necessary.

If you want to find out if you already have it installed, and what version you have, try running the following (you can run it through Fileman -> Command if you don't have shell access):

perl -e 'use Net::SSLeay; print $Net::SSLeay::VERSION'

You'll see the version, if it's installed, or an error message trying to load the module if it isn't installed.

Edit: I was wrong when I posted this originally - PayPal also requires that the Net::SSLeay module be installed.

Jason Rhinelander
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