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Re: [angelscharmedsla] New Search Mod
go to the admin control center ( the same place where you "validate" your links ). It is also called the Links Administration Menu. Just click on view, modify or delete. It will look just like that. Like I said, I just took the source form the view page and changed the action

<form action="<%db_cgi_url%>/searchnew.cgi[/url]" method="GET">

I recall getting the "no records found" early on when working on this.

Also, I had a problem with including a category in the search - it would return a no records found. I found that if I changed the field name for category to say categorya and saved a second version of my links.def file with a differnent name like linksa.def and uploaded that to the admin folder and changed the required statement in the searchnew.cgi file, that I could avoid the problem. But I have worked on it some since then, I think the category problem has returned.

Let me expand upon that.
  1. open links.def
  2. rename the category field to categorya
  3. save the file as linksa.def
  4. upload the file to the admin folder
  5. open the searchnew.cgi file
  6. change the require links.def to linksa.def
    require "$db_lib_path/linksa.def";
  7. upload searchnew.cgi

I have attached a current version of the searchnew.cgi.

It may still have the category problem as above. But maybe I can work in it this week.

and don't forget the $build_search2_url in links.cfg.

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