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Re: [brakkar] Help on vbulletin plugin

Same exact problem here. LSQL 2.1.2, vB2.3.0 and PlugIn v1.5.

Also, your solution of redirecting to usercp.php does not redirect back to the calling page as desired. I suggest the following simple and sound solution:

Mod "your" login form as follows:

- ACTION = http://forum.domain.com/member.php (replace with the user's domain for vB)

- username = (user specified username field)

- password = (user specified password field)

- action = "login"

- url = (url you want vB to return to after login)

I've already tested this with a simple HTML form and the logic works fine.

Alex, there seem to be alot of threads with people having problems with this vB integration. It would be wonderful for all if we could get a fix soon. It's become a major roadblock. We have at least 3 more sites (3 more GT licenses :) ) we want to roll out and we can't do that until the prototype is working.

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