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I try this in welcome.eml but it doesn't work....
In welcome.eml i want to have certain domain specific parts of the bulletted list:

<%if domain eq 'x1' or domain eq 'x2'%>Message1<%else%>Message2<%endif%>

But in the Message that the user receives it is always Message2 although the domain is in ('x1' , 'x2').

So is it that this is not possible to have this in the welcome.eml?

Or is it that i am goofing up somewhere?

Also can the 'From' part also be customized depending upon the domain involved?

Actually i would want to move to Single Template rather than having multiple template. The Templates and the footer.txt is all working fine and it's only the welcome.eml which is giving headache.



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anup123: May 10, 2003, 6:01 AM

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