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[beta] TopLinks plugin - beta testers wanted

I'm working on a plugin named TopLinks, and I'm looking for 3 beta testers. Read details below.

Using the TopLinks plugin, you can use Links SQL to create a TOP 10, TOP 50, TOP 100, or similar toplist site, which is category based, and has all the fine features & flexibility of Links SQL.

It will be a commercial plugin. Price will be US$95.

Features (summary)
  • Advanced installer does all configuration jobs, you would need to do manually (you just need to complete the design in templates)
  • Incoming clicks: counts incoming clicks from each other site to your site (InHits)
  • Outgoing clicks: counts outgoing clicks from your site to each other site (OutHits)
  • Multi-Click Protection: counts only 'unique' hits, based on visitor IP (cookie based solution is not implemented yet, but planned). If a user already clicked within X second or minute interval, click is not counted again from same IP. This is called time limit.
  • Multi-Click Protection Time Limit: any time limit can be set in plugin options (!). Several systems has a fixed internal limit, usually 1 hour or 1 day. Using TopLinks plugin, you can set, not just 1 hour or 1 day, but even 2 day 3 hours 38 minutes 21 seconds, if you need that... Plugin config has flexible options to set the protection time limit.
  • Absolute TOP X list: you can list the TOP X links (X means any number), where links are sorted in order you set in the plugin config. By default are sorted by InHits then by OutHits.
  • Page Span for Absolute TOP X list: Feature to span (divide) 'Absolute TOP X list' page with a lot links, to more pages
  • Category TOP ordered lists: in each category, the links are sorted by inhits & outhits. Link order can be easily changed in options based on your needs.
  • Search result TOP ordered lists: on search result page, the links are sorted by inhits & outhits
  • Easy template inclusion of TOP X link name list: list of TOP link names, can be in included into any template used by Links SQL or its plugins.
  • Admin can manually reset InHits, OutHits or both for admin interface.
  • Fully template based
  • Several plugin options to make its usage easy & flexible
  • Currently working in dynamic mode (static mode may be implemented later)

    Please message me, if you would be interested to get it & test it as beta tester, before the final release comes. Beta testers will get 20% discount from the TopLinks plugin price.
    Only 3 beta testers will selected from candidates.

    Please contact me to apply for beta testing, and write me the following details about your server environment:
    1. Server OS name & version (Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc.)?
    2. Database name & version?
    3. Please mention if you are on CGI wrapper environment.
    4. Links SQL version
    5. is mod_perl used?
    6. used/installed plugins (not necessarily, but often helps in compatibility problems)
    7. How would you describe your experience with Links SQL?: beginner, good or advanced

    Your answers to these questions are important, so please write the truth. The more strange environment is better, but normal users are also welcomed.
    3 beta testers will be selected from candidates, based on testing needs.

    You can contact me through email (available from my user info), or by private message. I prefer email if possible.

    Best regards,

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    from Webmaster33. Expert in Perl programming & Gossamer Threads applications. (click here for prices)
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