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Living in an catholic family...

Well, its hard to grow up in a strict catholic home.
I have been raised to live life like the bible says I should.
And I think its the right way to live and that everybody
should live like that. But it aint easy. Because whenever
I visit this forum, this site pop ups: http://www.ape51.com

I have no idea why, it all started when you upgraded the forum
and I clicked "yes" when the computer asked me if I wanted
to have the new features installed. Have you put some sort of
popup thing into the upgrade or what?

I need help, im going crazy here, if my mom sees this site
pop up she will punish me with a stick on my bottom. And
I can tell you that I dont want to go thru that again.
I remember the time she caught me looking at the lingerie
catalog, It was not funny to sit on my chair at dinner after that.

Please help me :(

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Alex: Apr 18, 2003, 3:28 PM

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