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Re: [BeaverheadRiver] This is why the Muslims Hate Western Democracy Perhaps!!!
My adjectivisation of Tony Greg as "Senile" was on the basis of cheap desire that he expressed while on Air against a Indian Model & Actress anchoring the program. A nation is recognized by such celebrities to certain extent at least.

Onto the 'Attitude' which has been responsible for this opinion of mine, I would like to quote another example again from British Cricketer and commentator - and reaction to one of his actions - this time the victim being white.

"Sir" Geoffery Boycott was temporarily thrown out of ESPN and his contract with Sun tabloid cancelled when he slammed his wife at some British Airport. Reason - White commited a 'crime' against White.

When it comes to Toney Greig - I do not find any British/ Australian Media or the so called "Human Rights Organizations" (which are WMD's in the Hands of Western Democracies To castigate Non Western democracies) even say anything which could indicate the universality of Western Democratic Philosophy as it claims untiringly very often wrt Human rights and all those issues. Reason - White Commited a crime against a Non White.

I base my opinion on facts rather than prejudice and more often than not they are scoffed at by opponents under some crazy sense of Humour. In fact i had avoided quoting this Tony episode for long but found it impossible to resist from doing so when i found that so many HR links were posted quoting HR issues in India.

I have sent a mail to Humanrightsmonitor and Human Rights Watch asking them as to why these organizations function as 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' in the hands of Western Democracy quoting this Tony episode and I am sure they would not bother to reply only to strengthen my convictions. If it was vice versa case where a Indian Celebrity would have expressed (which is normally impossible given the cultural history and background) similarly about any 'White Celebrity' i think the Indian celebrity would have been made to run for his lfe. If they feel that the comments are biased they are 'Free To Sue Me' and I am prepared to take the battle to any forum with whatever evidence that i have.

I hope the point is clear....

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