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Re: [Jagerman] advanced editor question
Jason: First at all, i choose for my community, because i consider it, far away the BEST software for thousands and thousands of reasons ok ?

I have a mail from Jack Ong in the date, november 19, 2002, where he told me "for the Advanced Editor, yes, we have a new version of it in the works that is going to outstrip everything that we have right now." (exactly words)

My problems on this advanced editor are severals... not only the simple issue about double space.

I sitll have the trouble with the buttons crounchen in one pile, topic threated here:

And troubles with the smiles, topic threaded here:

Many users of my communty complain about loosing what they are writed in a post preview, or when they hit a key that sends back to the browser. Also the quotes, and "in reply to" not always work in a friendly way. They need touch the tag result for get a good result when they write a post.

Think that many people, are writing in other forums, who i consider that have a very functional and friendly interface, in comparison to ours.

All this thing, motived me to ask them if the editor will be change, and i understood that YES, the editor will be totally renovated.

Gossamer forum will continue being the support of my community, because for other features, i consider it highly effective, powerful and simpe, to handle. But as well as i honest to say this, im think that i'm being honest too, when i say that this editor is the weakness point on Gossamer forum.

In other order, i'm not and advanced user, and may be, many of this cuestion can be error from my self customization. But i'm really discouraged, to attemp fix all this issues whit my hand, that is why i touch the technical support asking for the future on the advanced editor.

As always, i'm to your disposition to give you more data or help modestly in my posibilities.


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