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Re: [Rashid12] A different use of dbman
In the default DBman, following login, the user is directed to sub html_home by this bit of code in db.cgi;

elsif ((keys(%in) <= 2) ||
($in{'login'})) { &html_home; }
else { &html_unkown_action; }

You could either;

1. Change the html_home to go to a new sub that returns "search results" based on the user's ID etc., (start with the sub html_modify_search and hack away a little at a time).


2. kinda like Watts said, a simpler method, make a link in the sub html_home that is an "option" to "modify your lastest record" (start with the modify link in html_footer and add the search criteria).

The Optional method is nice considering what happens if you force the user to the modify form for the lastest record, and the user has no record? Just depends how flexible you want to be with the users (ie predict the user's desires)

edit: So I think this was covered before,


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