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Re: [webmaster33] [Plugin] DirName converter plugin released
The DirName converter v1.0.6 beta1 plugin (donator version) has been released on 2003.March.31.
Planned public release: 2003.April.30. (on 2003.April.30, the public version will be available free for everybody)

Until 2003.April.30, the v1.0.6 beta1 donator version is available for those, who donates at least $20.

What's new in v1.0.6 beta1 (donator version):
- added more2more character conversion feature (donator requested priority development)
- added 'conversion_type' plugin option, to select between '1 to 1' and 'More to more' character conversions
- added 'chars_more2more_matching' plugin option to input strings to change from/to
- added dupe checking of input values from 'chars_more2more_matching'
- fixed small bug in debug mode, to display 0, if there was no change done: count(conv. accents): 0
- better separation of main options & suboptions in plugin config
- small text changes

More plugin info:
The More to more character conversion makes possible to change any string to any string in Category names, having the input from in the Full_name column, and the result is put into the DirName column (or other you set).
Until now, to clean up the bad category names or bad accents in your database, you did need an SQL query for each bad word or string you wanted to replace. Now you create a list, what to change to what in Category names, and the plugin will do all replacements for you.
Also the result list can be used as directory names, thanks to the build_directory_field option of LSQL.
Having the correct directory names, you may be able to increase your ranking on Google or other search engines!

"Computación" category name, in directory name is changed to "Computaci_n" in the URL by Links SQL.
It means people searching for Computación or Computacion will NOT find you ranked high in Google, since they should search for "Computaci_n" to find you ranked high in Google. DirName converter can change "Computación" to "Computacion", having it valid for URLs.

After doing conversion with DirName converter, your category URLs will look like:
You will likely get higher rankings in search engines, after conversion (this is just one those parameters, what can make your ranking higher, but this one is also important).

Please message me a private message or send me an email if you want to do a donation.

Best regards,

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