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Since I am so new to GForum, I have relied on the manual as my point of reference and learning.

However, when it comes to Groups, the description is non existent. It tells you how to add a group, modify, delete...etc. But it really does not explain what a group is and how groups function. How do you determine who is in a group?

For example, I am going to have a poetry forum (moving into it from a well established site now). There are many categories of poetry - but there are some categories that I only want certain registered members to be a part of. So I would make them a part of a group?

Then it would seem that I would have to establish this in the creation of the forum itself. If the forum is called "Erotica," and I want it to be open only to certain members, do I have to define that in the forum (under subscribers?) and do I have to add them to a group?

Uhhhhhh.......... ack. My head is spinning Shocked. Any wise ones out there to set me straight?



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sophiabarton: Mar 25, 2003, 6:55 AM

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