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Re: [Demolitioncrew] updating bad link table
This is weird.... I was taking a shower and for some reason thought of looking into adding this same thing. Sat down to read some threads before I got to work and here it was.

Using the info you people have provided I made all the needed changes but ended up with the same problem. For some strange reason the script won't add the "Reason" values to the bad_link table. I've tried everthing I can think of over and over again. Even went through other plugins and just don't see a reason why the data Isn't being added. Even tried to resync and Repair along the way to see if that did something.

Here's what I've got at this point...

(Bad_Link Table: Reason)

sub main {

# Define the variables
# ---------------------------------------------------
my ($id, $db_links, $rec, $confirm, $reason);

# Get the Links ID number from the input.
$id = $IN->param('ID');
$confirm = $IN->param('confirm');
$reason = scalar $IN->param('Reason');


$db_bad_links->add ( { LinkID => $id,
URL => $rec->{'URL'},
Title => $rec->{'Title'},
Reason => $reason
} );

I just don't understand why this doesn't work. Hopefully someone will see where the problem is. Being able to let users submit a reason along with the report would be a great mod to Pugdogs useful plug.

-DemolitionCrew- Good work with your site man, I was just checking it out the other day. Would you mind me asking you a quick question about something you using on your site? If not, I'll send you an e-mail or PM sometime soon.

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