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Re: [Paul] opening links to new browser window
'm simply interested in the correct answer to this scenario
Ok, sleep well, and tomorrow when you got the results, share your result with us.

I'm not interested in neverending arguments. I just want the truth in all cases.
I will accept it, if you will be right. But I also await to tell us, if I was right.
That's all I ask.

P.S.: If you do the test, click the same URL at least 2-3 times.
The question is not that one will not open new window. Of course both opens a new window for 1st click!
But the question is, that your suggested solution will open 1 new window, and all further clicks will be opened in the same window, no matter the link URL. See the following examples:
<a href="http://www.site.com" target="newwin">
<a href="http://www.othersite.com" target="newwin">
After clicking the first example, the second example will be opened in same already opened new window!

<a href="http://www.site.com" target="_blank">
<a href="http://www.othersite.com" target="_blank">
In this case if you click both links, 2 new windows will be opened, 1 for each click.

You can test them, I'm sure what I'm saying.
I hope now you see the difference.

Best regards,

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