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Re: [kjellkk] Just bought ... my questions and reflections
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From what I can see I set admin permission for a user it means he/she can modify his/her login information. No access to the full admin interface. I thought setting permissions was done per table, but now it seems that any settings I set for a user is valid for all tables. Ie if a user has full viewing access to any table he/she can also view any record in the users database

The admin users will not have the full admin interface, but they will be able to access (view/edit/delete) tables which are used the same current user table, i.e: One user table can be used for multiple tables.

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Well - but does that activate any way of the admin getting e-mail messages when someone signs up etc? I was thinking about something like require_signup_admin_validation from Gossamer Forum. How would one proceed to configure DBMAN SQL to use a table from another SQL database for users? Say my forum is running in a separate database but I want to use the user table from that to manage my DBMan SQL users. thanks -kjell

DBMan SQL does not support for this matter, you need to customize the script or create a plugin to handle it for now. You will find very usefull posts about this feature on DBMan forum.



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