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Re: [whitey59] Don't buy it....
You will need to clarify which script you are using. This is the Links SQL forum. Your original "rant" was in the Links2 forum.


One thing I'd like to point out regarding the post linked to above is that you posted at around 6.30pm - that was your first ever post at the forum by the looks of it (judging by a quick search).

Your follow up reply was a few hours later, which was actually the middle of the night for me. To demand a reply that quick and then make a somewhat unnecessary rant as your follow up...well I don't see why anyone should assist you.


I saw some smart alec chastised a "customer", obviously you take that term lightly, for not being patient with the "volunteers" on this board.

Last time I looked, you want green backs for this product. Since you want my cash, how about answering my question.

If this is an open source script, I understand the smart asses. But bucks are demanded and so are answers.

If you do infact want some help then, firstly stop being rude and secondly provide some constructive and useful information for people to work with in assisting you.

I will lock this thread if you show any futher unwillingness to receive help or provide no useful information for us.

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Paul: Mar 15, 2003, 7:41 AM

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