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Re: [yogi] Modifications do not appear in pages

I do need technicians advice because i have no knowledge in programming.

As nothing worked with templates, i deleted all the forum files (and the huge work in it) in my site and i re-installed the forum as totally new with install.dat/.cgi.

Still, the same problem appears : eventhough the template files are modified (i downloaded them to check), the modifications do not appear for the visitors.

I followed your advices in your answer, but no result.

>>> Did you have such problems noticed by GForum users/webmasters ?
>>> Could that come from MySql and then what should i say to my provider ?
>>> Any other idea why it does not work ?

Thank you for your answer.

NB : Still all the other functions of GForum work correctly (The categories, the changes in the messages, ...). The templates only do not work.

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jigme: Mar 11, 2003, 2:20 AM

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