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Re: [Paul] 9/11
Gun related crimes are *way* higher in the US than anywhere else.

Unlike other nations we have an incredibly diverse population of over 280 million. We also have a net migration rate of 3.5 per 1,000. England has a population of roughly 59 million, fairly mono-ethnic, under 3% non-European, and a net migration of 1.06/1,000 population. That's an important point only in that differences within societies are points of conflict.

If you look at homicide rates per 100,000 in the 1990s the US ranks behind South Africa, Columbia, Estonia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, and Taiwan.

However, our crime rates have been falling for the last two decades. I continue to read where assault, robbery, burglary, etc. are on the rise in the UK. But at least you have gun control Tongue

And yes it is easy to obtain a gun in the US, it is also very legal if you are a law abiding citizen. We value our individual freedoms and resist government intrusion in our lives, having no desire to emulate our friends in Europe on that front.

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