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Re: [Alex] mac users of outlook express?
Alex, I do not think it is a problem with MacTCP DNR but thanks for the suggestion. The program was pulling messages down from a different pop server before we switched the DNS.

I am in a remote location and can't get to the machine in question. I am "seeing" the screen through the phone so to speak. The person on the other end of the line tells me that all the settings are just the way I suggest but I may be missing something (now I know how phone tech support feels!). I do not have a mac here in the house to double check. I can only set things up for testing on the PC. It is working on the PC and as far as I can tell we have our settings synched.

I am realizing that to be a good web designer I really should have a mac to test things on.

I will contact a friend who has a mac and try testing through their system but I know that we had the "problem" machine running outlook express just fine with a different pop server. That may not be saying much except that we are not complete idiots...



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