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Performance Kinda Sluggish....

I have had Links SQL running (mod_perl) for a long time now, and things were rather good. I have a pretty big install... 46000 "links" (which are really cartoons). I added Forums to this, and things rally seemed to slow down.

I am not sure what the cause is. Could it be that I made an XML link from my home Links page that runs a search every time the home page is loaded? (and if so, is there a way to store that search result for the 5 most recent posts, and only update it hourly?)

Or am I just running too much on my server? I have a 566 celeron, with a Gig of memory. The MySQL database is run by my ISP.

If I were to add a new box to my system, would I just want a faster processor, and just move the sites over... run a dedicated MySQL server... move my site over to the newer machine and run a dedicated MySQL server on my present machine... or just move Forum over to it's own machine? Add more memory? Go from Ultra IDE to SCSI?

Any ideas or comments?

Oh, an note.... when tunning "top", the load averages are usually 25-35 poercent, and top out maybe 75-80 percent.

Big Cartoon DataBase
Big Comic Book DataBase

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