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Re: [galfriday] Is it possible...
yep, I do that on my site. I have a left and right navigation menu and top header and bottom footer. All called by includes. The page itself is 5 columns with cols 2 and 4 only 15 pixels wide. Make sure you set up the "shell" first or things get confusing.

First, I had to move the html pages out of the cgi folder. As I recall, it gave me an error otherwise. I just set them up in a sub folder under the public_html folder.

Second you have to install the new template parser in the resource section to use the <%include leftcol.html%>.

in the cgi generated pages use
<%include leftcol.html%>

in the non-cgi-generatated pages use

<!--#include virtual="/htm/leftcol.html" -->

<!--#include virtual="/htm/bookmark.txt" -->

(or bookmark.html if you plan on using other SSI calls ).

By using the htaccess file I was able to use html instead shtml

I didn't think you coud use file="http://www.siteb.com/ as part of the #include...?

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