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Is it possible...
Is it possible to include HTML header, footer and left/right navigation files into links2 templates?

I would like to use global headers, footers and navigation for all pages on a site including non-links2 pages.

I would also like to be able to update/modify these files in one central location, namely the main directory for the web site.

I'm comfortable with SHTML includes but have no knowledge of CGI.

For instance: A file in siteB, "left_nav.html" would ordinarily be called into "example.shtml" which resides in a separate folder as:

<!--#include file="http://www.siteb.com/left_nav.html" -->

What would this be, if I wanted to include the same file in the "category.html" template for example?

Once again, I crave your indulgence in my posting what may seem a pretty simplistic question to programmers.

I Am What I AM (Not a Programmer)

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