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Re: [startpoint] Adding New Search Fields?

Well i think the code Alex provided with 'or' (instead of and) was ok, but because i use more than 1 argument it still pass with a empty search. So the code have to be a bit different.

1. Title must not be empty and bigger then 2 characters

2. I will use more arguments then 1.

When i only use Title=someting it works good i quess, but with more arguments the code isn't right...

I don't know the solution yet.

So basically i wanna do:


Then is will display records if it will be found, but with search:


so Title = empty (or < 3 characters) it must not display a record and it will display the search.html template...

Hope someone can help me with this.

Allready thanks.

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startpoint: Jan 23, 2003, 5:32 AM

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