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Re: [Jagerman] [Suggestion] User creatable private message directories
Just let me show you my case.
I've now 40-50 private messages. Ok, some of them could be deleted, since it's not important anymore. However there are some important ones, which I would like to keep for future reference.
Unfortunately there is no way to mark a message as important.
That's where the (virtual) directories would help me. Also directories would make available sorting the messages into groups, like "replies to my Plugin 1", "correspondence for my 2nd plugin", etc. To show you just a few ideas of usage.

I think it would not be a difficult feature. Would need a new column, a few new templates, and treatment of those form in inputs.

IMHO, private message is not less in any way compared to email. Private message may be even so important as an email, so I think needs such features, what an email client has. Or at least the grouping feature with directories.

Having folders, on the other hand, makes the private messenging system into almost an e-mail type messenging system
I think private messanging is almost an e-mail type messenging.

IMHO, Private messanging can not be compared to instant messaging. Instant messages are grouped by user. Each user has his own message history. Private messanging in GForum, has no any grouping feature. Therefore, IMHO(!) it can not be compared to instant messaging.

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